Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: This Is Jinsy

Created and starring Chris Bran and Justin Chubb, This Is Jinsy follows Arbiter Maven (Chubb) – the 17th Arbiter and ‘Wearer of the Hat’ and Operative Sporall (Bran) – nice hair and ‘Wearer of the Beige Suit,’ as they oversee the 791 residents of Jinsy from the Great Tower in the parish of Veen.

Life on Jinsy is very colourful and somewhat reminiscent of The Village in The Prisoner with the inhabitants monitored by a surveillance system of tessellators. The tessellators include video cameras for surveillance and tv screens that allow the residents to watch important island events, such as the tri-annual island cow wash which is live from Glotters field, and programmes from local folk singer Melody Lane and weather monk Tracee Henge! Additionally, they include a handy slot for paying fines, and a sphincter nozzle for product and pill downloads!

Many guest stars turn up as residents of Jinsy including David Tennant, Jennifer Saunders, Greg Davies, Harry Hill, KT Tunstall , Catherine Tate, Christopher Fairbank, Simon Callow, Kevin Eldon, Jane Horrocks, Nigel Planner, Peter Serafinowicz, Olivia Coleman, Stephen Fry, Derek Jacobi, and Don Warrington; with events seen over the series including a wedding lottery, a beard growing contest, Maven’s project for a new bridge in the shape of his nose, the Firelock Festival, and rat bum-reading!

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