Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: Robot Detective

Created by Shotaro Ishinomori, and produced by Toei, Robot Detective ran for 26 episodes through 1973. It follows the adventures of Robot Detective K (K for short), a criminal investigation robot that has been assigned to the special forensics team of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. K was created by a female scientist to fight a band of murdering robots created and led by her crazed brother. He has both a high degree of intelligence and emotions.

One notable feature about K is that his eyes change colour to show different emotions – normally yellow, when angry and in combat they turn red or blue when sad. K has no human form, but when not in battle, K dresses up in human clothes and has a human-like personality.

K would usually battle against the schemes of the terrorist organization BAD, who created robots to commit various crimes.




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