Cult Movie Essentials

13 Sins (2014)

13 Sins (aka 13: Game of Death) is director Daniel Stamm’s remake of the 2006 Thai horror comedy film 13 Beloved and focuses on Elliot Brindle (Mark Webber), a meek salesman who loses his job. He finds himself in financial trouble especially when he has a number of people who depend on him  including Michael (Devon Graye), his mentally handicapped brother; Shelby (Rutina Wesley), his pregnant fiancee; and an unnamed, abusive father.

Elliot receives a mysterious phone call that offers him $1,000 to assertively kill a fly that has been harassing him. After Elliot checks his bank account online and sees that he has been credited, he accepts the next challenge: to eat the dead fly. The caller explains that he will be offered a series of thirteen challenges, each of which will result in greater rewards. If he fails to complete any of them, interfere in the game, or reveals the game, he will forfeit all the money…

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