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Time Taxi

Edawakare (Yutaka Takenouchi) is the driver of the Time Taxi which debuted in October 2014. It ran for ten episodes. The Time Taxi is a special vechicle that can transport its customers back to a “turning point” in their past, where a wrong choice led to a major failure. Edawakare is happy to take them back just as long as they can pay the fare!

However, trying to course-correct the second time around can bring about unexpected happenings with new truths, twists and turns coming to light. There is no guarantee the desired outcome will come true. Ultimately, what will each person choose to do?

The first episode follows Hideki, a man who’s plan to propose to his girlfriend goes wrong, he takes Edawakare’s Time Taxi to fix things. However, things again don’t go right, and multiple trips are required to solve the problem, though an unexpected tragedy may result.

Episode 2 focuses on man named Hirano who follows a young woman and her supposed kidnapper, discovering they’re actually trying to elope – the same situation that a young Hirano had been in with the young woman’s mom. With the help of Eda’s Time Taxi, he’s able to help them.

Further episodes include a young woman who is having an affair with her boss and tells him to leave his wife because she’s pregnant. When it doesn’t go how she wants, she takes the Time Taxi and gets a second chance to change events – but this leads to further complications!

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