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Preview- The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Season 2 Ep. 3: Labyrinth and Ep. 4: Gilded Cage

In The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Season 2 Ep. 3: Labyrinth, all is not what it seems at the Lying-In Hospital as Sara (Dakota Fanning) persuades a young nurse to disclose what happens behind closed doors. Kreizler (Daniel Brühl) is convinced that hypnosis might unlock the traumatic memories of Señora Linares (Bruna Cusi). In order to further the investigation Moore (Luke Evans) introduces Sara to a well-connected friend, causing further personal entanglements as Cyrus (Robert Wisdom) hosts Moore’s bachelor party at his saloon.

Then in Ep. 4: Gilded Cage, the clock is ticking for the team to locate baby Ana. Sara (Dakota Fanning) worries about her young undercover detective Bitsy Sussman (Melanie Field). William Randolph Hearst (Matt Letscher) hosts a lavish ball celebrating his goddaughter Violet’s (Emily Barber) engagement to Moore (Luke Evans). The ball gives Sara and Kreizler (Daniel Brühl) an opportunity to confront a suspect in the case.

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