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White Ghost (1988)

Written by Gary Scott Thompson and directed by BJ Davis, White Ghost (which is military code for a Vet who has gone missing) stars The Greatest American Hero himself William Katt as Steve Shepard, a Vietnam Green Beret who has continued to fight on alone for 15 years after the withdrawal of American forces.

Shepard is of course a renegade who is seeking to avenge his fallen comrades and waging a one man war in a Vietnamese-Cambodian border area.

As the film opens, the Pentagon honcho Maj. Cross (Reb Brown) receives a coded signal from Shepard that he’s ready to come home. Ex-Green Beret Captain Walker (Wayne Crawford) is dispatched with a team of vigilantes to find and return Shepard. The problem is Walker and Shepard had clashed bitterly years earlier while in the same unit, and Walker doesn’t want Shepard to get out of there alive!

The film also stars Rosalind Chao, Karl Johnson, Frank Notaro, Graham Clarke, Brian O’Shaughnessy, Raymond Ma and Martin Hewitt.

You can watch White Ghost on Amazon Prime HERE.

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