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Vagrant Queen Ep. 1: A Royal Ass-Kicking

This first thing I thought about Vagrant Queen as the show started was “they cancelled Dark Matter for this?” It seems this tale of Elida (Adriyan Rae) the scavenger and outlaw is a schizophrenic in nature. It seems to want to be tongue-in-cheek Sci-Fi, as well as being deep, dark and meaningful. These juxtapositions are too jarring to fully enjoy the show. That being said new shows often take a few episodes to find themselves and I except that. It just makes what is on offer hard to digest.

So what is on offer? Well Elida is actually the Princess Eldaya and she left her home and has reinvented herself away from her royal roots. Then a man from her old life Isaac (Tim Rozon) turns up with news about her long-lost mother and she is forced to return to her broken kingdom with Isaac and Amae (Alex McGregor) in hopes of staging a rescue before a deadly childhood foe, Commander Lazaro (Paul du Toit), finds them.

Being on Syfy budget is always an issue and Vagrant Queen highlights the positives and minimises the negatives of this to give itself its own style. The acting on the show isn’t terrible but it just seems restricted by a paint-by-numbers Disney princess plot that is being played out with all the props left over by Farscape.

Verdict: 4/10. Not the strongest start but hopefully the show can grow and develop into its own refreshing entity that moves away from recycled cliches.

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