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Preview- Mashin Sentai Kiramager Ep. 8: An Express Flash

In Mashin Sentai Kiramager Ep. 8: An Express Flash, the Kiramagers are no match against Garuza’s skillful usage of his own mecha, Smog Jouki! Jewel who attempted to harness all of his Kiramental in an attempt to overtake Garuza suddenly collapses! And Kiramaizin crashes to the ground after taking on too much damage! And just when all hope seemed to be lost, a giant flash of light resembling a giant god suddenly appeared to protect Kiramaizin! The Kiramagers managed to use this opportunity to escape the intense confrontation, but it seems that only Jewel and Garuza were able to see it! As the Kiramagers return to CARAT HQ to recover, Mashin Fire reflects on the intense training they put Jewel through and blames Jewel’s collapse on Tametomo and the others! “You guys are the reason why Jewel collapsed!” Meanwhile, Garuza cannot hide his shock at the appearance of that giant god in the midst of battle! Garuza concentrates his focus on amassing all the darkness he possesses in hopes of another rematch!

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