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Flash Future Kung-Fu (1983)

Flash Future Kung-Fu (aka Health Warning) is a dystopian martial arts film directed by Kirk Wong. It takes place in the 21st Century where major technological breakthroughs have been made but as a result work ethic has been destroyed and social unrest has grown out of control! In Hong Kong this has seen the rise of a group of Chinese Neo-Nazis called The X Gang.

Meanwhile, Kung-Fu school master (Eddy Ko) hopes to keep his students away from the drugs and mindless violence which is commonplace on the streets. Two of his fighters, Gei (Ray Lui Leung-wai) and Killer (Johnny Wang Lung-wei), unfortunately get mixed up with The X Gang with near fatal result that also sees the martial arts school getting destroyed.

Later, the leader of The X Gang announces a plan to lobotomize the masses as a way of ensuring total obedience to the party. Who could stop them from carrying this out?

NOTE: The film was known for years for the actual on screen killing of a kangaroo during a fight scene. THis can now only be seen in teh VHS version.

You can but the film HERE.

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