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Cult Movie Essentials: Chaindance (1991)

Directed by Allan A. Goldstein and written by Michael Ironside and Alan Aylward, Chaindance (also known as Common Bonds) takes place in a prison where the government, in particular, Lene Curtis (Rae Dawn Chong), has decided that the best way to rehabilitate rebellious prisoner Joseph Terrance (J.T.) Blake (Michael Ironside) is to chain him to the wheelchair of a rebellious, bad-tempered young man with cerebral palsy named Johnny Reynolds (Brad Dourif).

The reason behind this decision is three fold. First it will help a terribly understaffed nursing home. Second, being chained to a handicapped person may inspire caring in the prisoner and third, it could help to toughen up the patients.

Another issue arises though when another inmate, Casey (Bruce Glover), who has lots of stroke in the prison, decides that he wants to kill J.T. after Casey orders the guards to give him access to a younger prisoner, James (Scott Andersen), whom he rapes. J.T. does agree with this so alerts the authorities.

Can the odd couple of J.T. and Johnny put their differences aside and work together to avoid being killed?

Keep your eyes peeled during the film for appearances from Don. S. Davis, Bill Croft, Leslie Carlson, Sheila Moore, Peter LaCroix, and Tamsin Kelsey.

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