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Created by Shotaro Ishinomori, Inazuman (and later Inazuman Flash) follows a young college student named Goro Watari (played by Daisuke Ban) who is secretly a mutant with psionic powers. The initial series, Inazuman ran for 25 episodes between 1973 and 1974 whilst its sequel show Inazuman Flash ran for 23 episodes in late 1974.

Whilst Goro might have secret mutant powers, life has not been easy on him. He lost his mother as a child and his childhood girlfriend Teresa was taken away by an American soldier during the US occupation of Japan. Further problems arise when The Neo-Human Empire Phantom Army attacks earth with Phantom Soldiers  and Mutant Creatures. Goro must do what he can to help and this includes saying the phrase “Gōriki Shōrai” (translated as “Summon Mighty Power”) and becoming wrapped in a blue cocoon and then bursting out of it as Sanagiman.

Once Goro became Sanagiman he is able to absorb the kinetic energy of any attack used against him, and when he gathers enough energy into his belt, he crosses his fists in front of his chest and shouts the phrase “Chōriki Shōrai” (translated as “Summon Super Power”). Sanagiman then explodes and in his place stands Inazuman! Alongside Goro are the Youth League, a group of psychic-powered young people that have a telepathic link with a sentient flying car called Raijingo which shoots missiles and bites evil doers.  

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