Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: The Tribe

Often described as Mad Max for kids, the post-apocalyptic drama known as The Tribe was created by Raymond Thompson and Harry Duffin, It ran for five seasons (260 episodes) between 1999 and 2003.

The show opens approximately six to nine months after all the adults on the planet Earth have been killed by an unknown virus. In that time the world has become primitive and each episode focuses on the children and teenagers who have been left behind. In order to survive they have bonded together in various tribes through which as viewers we see this new world through the eyes of the Mall Rats tribe.

The Mall Rats are formed in Episode 1 when after wandering the streets where they once lived Amber (Beth Allen) and Dal (Ashwath Sundarasen) meet Cloe (Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu), Salene (Victoria Spence), Patsy (Sarah Major) and Paul (Zachary Best). Suddenly they are attacked by Lex (Caleb Ross), Ryan (Ryan Runciman) and Zandra (Amy Morrison). The run to a nearby mall to hide from their attackers and meet Jack (Michael Wesley-Smith) who has been living in the mall since his father succumbed to the virus. As both groups have a showdown in the mall they realise just what the mall can offer them in protection and shelter. They all decide to stay with Lex and Ryan agreeing to defend the newly formed tribe in exchange for shelter and food. They are soon joined by Bray (Dwayne Cameron) and a heavily pregnant Trudy (Antonia Prebble). It is Lex who names the new tribe the Mall Rats and a bonding ritual is then performed by the newly arrived, spiritual Tai-San (Michelle Ang).

The Mall Rats encounter a number of problems including how to get clean water, how to power their base, power, morality, love, betrayal etc. They also pledge to find an antidote to the virus that killed the adults, all whilst battling other tribes like the Locos, Chosen and Technos. As we journey through the series the world of the Mall Rats opens up to new tribes and events that see life, death and a whole lot more.

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