Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: Early Edition

Early Edition was created by Ian Abrams, Patrick Q. Page, Vik Rubenfeld and starred Kyle Chandler as Gary Hobson a man who mysteriously begins to receive the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper a day in advance giving him a glimpse of a potential future. Who delivers the paper is unknown but the first copy of each day arrives at 6:30am, no matter where his physical location is. The show ran for four seasons (90 episodes).

Upon reading the paper each day, Gary attempts to prevent the tragedies described within it, thus changing the story text and headlines in the newspaper to reflect the outcome of his actions (as seen in Back To The Future). Often, Gary doesn’t wish to be saddled with the responsibility of performing these deeds but feels he has to as the paper effectively presents him with many Sophie’s choices: he must choose between helping different people in need of assistance.

Unlike a lot of shows in this time period, Early Edition was able to resolve its storylines and reveal how Gary was chosen despite being cancelled after four seasons. Fan efforts to save the show and a USA Today poll were not successful in getting CBS to renew the show for a fifth season. It remains a favourite to all who watched it.


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