Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: The Last Precinct

Created by Stephen J. Cannell, The Last Precinct debuted on 26th January 1986 and ran for eight episodes. “The Last Precinct” of the title is the 56th Precinct of Los Angeles. Viewed as the seediest and worst of all the Police precincts. Nobody wants to work there so the police officers that do are ones who are there as a “last chance” to succeed as a Police Officer.

The 56th Precinct is led by Capt. Rick Wright (Adam West) and consists of an Elvis lookalike called Officer King (Pete Wilcox), Officer Mel Brubaker a transsexual officer (Randi Brooks),  Sergeant Nightrain Lane (Ernie Hudson), Officer ‘Raid’ Raider (Rick Ducommun), Officer Rina Starland (Lucy Lee Flippin), Sergeant Martha Hagerty (Yana Nirvana), Alphabet (Vijay Amritraj) and Officer Price Pascal (Jonathan Perpich) who was assigned to the 56th Precinct after accidently sleeping with the Mayor’s underage daughter.

Each episode saw the officers of the 56th Precinct clashing with the sheriff’s department and normally solving the case they were working on. Further tension would rise when Price would steal the girlfriend of Sherriff Department Lt. Ronald Hobbs (Wings Hauser) each week. Hobbs thus would complain that the 56th were ruining his cases and thus they were constantly fearing they would be dismissed and shut down.


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