Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: Metal Mickey

Metal Mickey  is a fictional five-foot-tall robot character created, controlled and voiced by Johnny Edward. After appearing on a variety of tv shows including The Saturday Banana and Jim’ll Fix It, Metal Mickey was given his own TV show. Micky Dolenz (The Monkees) was brought in to produce and direct the series along with Nic Phillips and David Crossman.

Debuting in September 1980, Metal Mickey  ran for four seasons (41 episodes) eventually concluding in January 1983. In the show Mickey is created by a young man named Ken Wilberforce (Ashley Knight) and becomes sentient when girl next door Janey (Lola Young) feeds it a Galactic Fizzbomb. Ken and his siblings convince Dad (Michael Stainton) that Mickey can be useful around the house so he lets them keep him. Ken’s grandmother (Irene Handl) is his biggest fan, she even has a special pet name for him is “Fluffy.”

A number of typical sitcom adventures take place during the show including Granny and Metal Mickey doing Steve and Haley’s (Lucinda Bateson) homework and Mickey’s answers being so outstanding that the teachers immediately suspect foul play and end up deducing Gran is a scientific genius; Mickey getting the power to reproduce money in order to replace father’s plants and Granny ending up on trial for counterfeiting; and Mickey discovering he can make music and becomes a pop star thanks to a song written by Haley & Janey and some shady managing courtesy of Mr. Jason (James Smillie). Before long the Metal superstar leaves the Wilburforce family behind and moves into his own flat!


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