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Preview- Super Sentai Strongest Battle!! (Directors Cut Bluray)

Super Sentai Strongest Battle is getting a directors cut on bluray! The premise being that once in 500 years, space paranormal phenomenon “Mebius Connect” is supposed to occur at the turning point of the era, 2019 when Heisei is about to end. Super squadrons are gathered and “super squadron strongest battle” is held. It is said that the winner of this battle can make “wish”. The warriors who are summoned to the planet Nemesis one after another by the mysterious girl Rita who sponsors. The super squadron warriors who have been summoned are divided into 32 teams of 5 teams according to categories, such as the vehicle team and the animal team, and start the super squadron strongest decision match … The special edition includes a bonus disc with a director’s cut version (4 episodes connecting + unreleased scene) (planned for 93 minutes), making, collection of PR, and data files.

The Director’s Cut will be included in the show’s special edition Blu-ray as a bonus disc. The cut will combine all four episodes of the mini series into one film, and will include previously unreleased footage. The director’s cut is planned to run for 93 minutes. Both regular and special editions of the mini series will have the original four episodes in the primary disc.

In addition to the Director’s Cut, the special edition release will also include the “making-of” feature, promotional videos, and data file.

Super Sentai Strongest Battle!! will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on July 10th.

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