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Created by Michael E. Uslan, Dinosaucers ran for one season of sixty-five episodes and followed the heroic Dinosaucers as they battled the evil Tyrannos initially on a planet in a counter-Earth orbit known as Reptilon and later on Earth. 

The Dinosaucers (Allo, Dimetro, Bronto Thunder, Stego, Tricero, Bonehead, Teryx and Ichy) allied themselves with four humans known as the Secret Scouts (Ryan, Sara, Paul and David) and based themselves at the Lava Dome which was hidden in a mountain region amongst a range of dormant volcanoes. The Dinosaucers all had a button on the front of their uniforms which instantly “dinovolves” them to their primitive ancestors dinosaur state, while retaining their intelligence and speech capacity. 

The Tyrannos (Genghis Rex, Princess Dei, Ankylo, Quackpot, Brachio, Styraco, Plesio, and Terrible Dactyl) base was located under a large tar pit and whilst they lacked the ability to “dinovolve” they did have some special weapons such as a special ray gun called “The Devolver” which has the same devolving effect as “dinovolving”, but reduces the victim’s intelligence to that of the devolved form as well! They also possessed “The Fossilizer” – which could turn its target into stone.

In 2018, creator Michael E. Uslan joined with publisher Lion Forge Comics to revive Dinosaucers as a comic book.

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