Cult Cartoon Essentials

Cult Cartoon Essentials: Police Academy- The Animated Series

Spinning out of the Police Academy movie franchise and onto our small screens came Ruby-Spears Enterprises’ 1989 cartoon interpretation, Police Academy- The Animated Series, which would run for two season (65 episodes). Chronologically, the show takes place between Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol and Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach.

Featuring all the main characters (but not their original voices) from the movies including Carey Mahony, Moses Hightower, Larvell Jones, Eugene Tackleberry, Laverne HooksDebbie Callahan, House, Zed McGlunk, Carl Sweetchuck, Eric Lassard, Captain Harris and Sgt. Proctor; the show also introduced Academy newcomer The Professor, the K-9 Corps – Samson, Lobo, Bonehead, Chilipepper, and Schitzy – and villains Kingpin. Numbskull, The Claw, Mr. Sleaze, Lockjaw, and Amazona.

The theme song is performed by the Fat Boys who also make an appearance in two episodes as House’s Friends: Big Boss, Cool and Mark. Robert Folk’s theme from the movies is used over the closing credits.


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