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Preview- Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger- Ep. 2: Our Souls Are One

In Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger– Ep. 2: Our Souls Are One, The three young warriors, Kou, Melt, and Asuna, set out to leave their ancient village in order to protect the Earth from the raids of the Mynasaurs and the threat of the Druidon Tribe! Just then, the forms of the Kishiryu they had just fought alongside with disappears before them! With the help of both Ui and Naohisa, the Ryusoulgers search the city for knights just like them as well as other familiar Kishiryu. There they find a fencer named Mishima, who’s skill with a sword matches that of a Master! At the same time, a Mynasaur with a strong sword technique appears in the city! The Mynasaurs, created by Creon, absorb the negative emotions and life energy of the humans in order to grow larger and larger. The Ryusoulgers need the strength of their Kishiryu to fight against the giant Mynasaurs, but they are still unable to find them! Will the Ryusoulgers be able to handle this threat when the Mynasaur is so close to completing its won body?

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