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Preview- Super Sentai Strongest Battle- Battle 3: The Great Secret Is Revealed

In Super Sentai Strongest Battle– Battle 3: The Great Secret Is Revealed, Marvelous succeeded in knocking the helmet off of Gaisorg after a powerful attack! However, he cannot come to terms with the identity behind Gaisorg, as he collapses after Gaisorg’s next attack!

Meanwhile, Stinger is investigating Planet Nemesis under the guidance of President Tsurugi, when he uncovers something strange in Rita’s laboratory. Doggie Krueger, who is also investigating their situation, agrees to cooperate with Stinger on this matter. After analyzing several documents that Rita had with the SPD License, they both head off to fight against other Super Sentai teams. Its Team Swordsman VS Team Eccentric, as Doggie Krueger and Kagura face off against each other! In the midst of the battle, Kagura finds her resolve, and shows her determination!

Gaisorg’s aggression continues to build, and the conspiracy behind Rita is also a matter of great concern! Just what will Yamato, Marvelous, and Stinger do about all of this?! And furthermore, what will be the result of Kagura’s battle against Doggie Krueger?! The strongest battle continues to develop as we go along!

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