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Preview- Super Sentai Strongest Battle: Battle 2- The Secretive Armor of Mystery!

In Super Sentai Strongest Battle: Battle 2- The Secretive Armor of Mystery, Gaisorg suddenly appears before Stinger and Takaharu after just winning their match! Marvelous rushes to the battlefield in attempts to defeat Gaisorg by himself, but a reckless attack leaves blood running from his head as the enemy starts approaching him! Takaharu suffers a severe shoulder injury after protecting Marvelous from another attack, while Marvelous blames Takaharu for not protecting himself. Stinger, who refuses to allow such selfishness, will collide with Marvelous…

Meanwhile Gaisorg appears before Rita with a golden plate of his own, allowing him to enter the Super Sentai Strongest Battle! While in the waiting room, Yamato questions Marvelous why he is so obsessed with taking down Gaisorg all alone. Marvelous acts stubbornly, and leaves the room unable to feel like he truly trusts his team. Takaharu and Kagura try to persuade Marvelous while Stinger leaves in silence. The competition will continue regardless of internal team conflicts.

Yamato receives his new matchup fight with a 3-member animal team vs a 3-member eccentric team! Yamato is approached by a lion warrior who decides to challenge him directly! Battling against the world’s strongest legends with a team divided against itself… And furthermore, who is the one behind the mask of Gaisorg?

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