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Preview- Super Sentai Strongest Battle- Ep. 1: Who Is History’s Strongest Warrior?

A mysterious armoured warrior known as Gaisorg stands before the Gokaigers! The Gokaigers are overwhelmed by Gaisorg’s power, but just then, a golden plate lands before Marvelous after he gets knocked out of his transformation!

Space changes and he finds himself with a mysterious girl named Rita and Asaka Keiichiro who was working overtime at the GSPO. Rita declares that anyone who wins the “Super Sentai Strongest Battle” will get any wish they so desire! Keiichiro is transported to Planet Nemsis, where several Sentai heroes are gathered there as well, including Kazakiri Yamato, Captain Marvelous, Kagura, Igasaki Takaharu, and Stinger!

Rita divides everyone into 32 teams of 5 members each, reiterating that whichever dream team wins will get their wish granted! The various dream teams aim for the championship, but Gaisorg, who just seeks to fight strong warriors, reappears once again and causes great distress for the various Sentai teams! How will the Super Sentai Strongest Battle go?

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