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Preview: Shadows – The Complete Series (DVD)

Memorable, atmospheric and superbly scripted, this remarkable series gave ’70s schoolkids an unforgettable anthology of spine-tingling psychological and supernatural tales. Strongly remembered to this day, Shadows remains one of children’s television’s quintessential drama series.

Producers Ruth Boswell and Pamela Lonsdale – both renowned for many landmark children’s series, including Timeslip, Dramarama, The Tomorrow People, Chocky, Ace of Wands and Escape into Night – assembled an outstanding team of writers, including J.B. Priestley, Roger Marshall, Trevor Preston, Penelope Lively, Rosemary Harris, Joan Aiken, Susan Cooper and Fay Weldon. Performers include Jenny Agutter, Sophie Ward, John Nettleton, Pauline Quirke, Coral Atkins, Brian Glover, Joan Greenwood, Clive Swift, Bryan Pringle and Ronald Hines – as well as Russell Hunter reprising his memorable Ace of Wands villain: Mr Stabs!

An orphaned girl fights her real-life enemies by imagining that they are figures from her history book.
A girl is visited by the spirit of a long-dead witch in a storm-lashed cottage.
A mansion visit for a group of teenagers turns to nightmare as the house’s sinister inhabitants start to take over.
A failed magician finds he is suddenly the host of unexplained powers.

What other terrors hide among the shadows..?

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