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Debuting on September 4th 1999, Pintados (aka The Painted Ones) was a Philippine television drama action series directed by Mark Reyes that ran for 52 episodes.

The show follows five ordinary teenagers, Reewa (Angelika dela Cruz), Daniel (Michael Flores), Antonio (Vandolph Quizon), Maya (Assunta de Rossi) and Pido (Sherwin Ordonez) whose lives dramatically change when their families become crime victims.

As a result of the rising crime wave, the government sets up a clandestine crime fighting unit, which our five teenagers rush to sign up to in order to gain justice and to protect others from criminals. They are mentored by Guro (Robert Seña) and soon following training they are armed with special armour and gadgets and hide themselves into ethnic war paint and tattoos as The Pintados!

As the series progresses The Pintados battle such villains as Anak Araw – Albino Crime Syndicate leader, Manananggal, Katana – a human-reptile hybrid, Dr. Virus, Damarama, Uno Dos Tres, and Thundara.

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