Cult Cartoon Essentials

Cult Cartoon Essentials: Space Angel

Utilising Synchro-Vox technology, Space Angel ran for 260 episodes, from 1962-1964, with stories spread out in parts (52 stories, each made up of five parts) across various episodes. It focused on the adventures of three astronauts who travelled the galaxy on their ship Starduster whilst working for the Earth Bureau of Investigation’s Interplanetary Space Force (ISF).

Captain of the Starduster was Captain/Pilot Scott McCloud, also known as “The Space Angel” (voiced by Ned Lefebver), Electronics/Communications expert Crystal Mace (voiced by Margaret Kerry), and team powerhouse Scottish born Gunner/Engineer Taurus (voiced by Hal Smith).

Space Angel was McCloud’s secret identity and when appearing as Space Angel he would lower bulging sunglasses from his helmet to cover his eyes (his normal appearance involved an eye patch).

Episodes would often see Starduster uncovering villainous plots from the Anthenians or Zorra – the Evil Queen of Space and need to alert reinforcements that would consist of various ISF squadrons such as Venusian Squadron and Mars Squadron – identified via squadron symbols that were used in astronomy charts of the time to identify the planets, such as the Female symbol for the Venusian Squadron, the Male symbol for the Mars Squadron and a circle with an enclosed plus sign for the Earth Squadron.




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