Cult Cartoon Essentials

Cult Cartoon Essentials: Time Patrol Tai Otasukeman

Time Patrol Tai Otasukeman aka Rescueman ran for 53 episodes between 1980-81. It was the fourth of the Time Bokan series.

Atasha, Sekobitchi and Duwarusuki respectively desire to be the most beautiful woman, the most renowned scientist, and the greatest hero the world has ever known and they do not care how they achieve this! Joining forces the disguise themselves as Time Patrollers – the keepers and protectors of the annals of history.

These villains follow an evil leader, who is trying to alter the course of history to suit his desires. Under the instructions of the leader, the trio travel in time with the aim of tampering with recorded history.

Only Hikaru and Nana, disguised as the Rescuemen, stand between the villains and their goals.


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