Cult Cartoon Essentials: Dinosaur War Izenborg

Running for 39 episodes between 17th October 1977 – 30th June 1978, Dinosaur War Izenborg combined anime and real life action scenes to create a unique show from Tsuburaya Productions. 

As the series begins it is 1986, dinosaurs have returned to Earth on a mission to wipe out the human race, only this time around they are stronger and more intelligent. Hiding out in an underground layer and led by a dinosaur named Ururu; the dinosaurs evolve into deadly monsters and start wreaking havoc on human population across then planet.

Defending humanity are D-Force and its two members, a brother and sister team of Tachibana Ai and Tachibana Zen, the Special OPs force. Early in the series, the siblings suffer a near-fatal injury from the massive explosion during the test of a prototype super-tank, “predecessor to Izenborg”. In order to keep them alive, they receive cybernetic body parts and other implants, which synchronize with their combat vehicle and form Aizenborg (Ai + Zen + Cy”borg”).

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