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Cult TV Essentials: Maggie

In the early 1980’s expectations were changing for women. Maggie detailed that struggle. Running between 1981 and 1982 young BBC teen viewers followed her plight.

Based on a series of books written by Joan Lingard: The Clearance, The Resettling, The Pilgrimage and The Reunion – the show was set in Glasgow, the series centred on teenager Maggie McKinley (Kirsty Miller) and the problems of adolescence as she aspired to further education, a career and an independent life whilst her parents (Michael Sheard and Mary Riggans) expected her to take a secure job, get married and “settle down”.

Much of the action centred on Maggie staying with her feisty octogenarian grandmother (Jean Faulds) in Inverness-shire: the latter frequently acted as an important confidante to her granddaughter.


The two series followed Maggie’s progress, ending as she faces a crossroads in her life – whether to go to university or work for the family business.

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  1. Interestinging article. I have quite vivid memories of one episode where the granny’s house goes up in a blaze – was quite horrific viewing for a youngster w/the granny unable to get out of the burning house. Do you have any episodes of this series at all?


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