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Cult Video Game Essentials: Jungler (1981)

Jungler is a maze-based arcade game developed by Konami in 1981. Distributed by Stern in the United States beginning in 1982, the game has players controlling a multi-segmented creature attempting to destroy similar enemy creatures by either shooting them or eating them.

In Jungler, the player controls a white, multi-segmented animal inside a blue maze. Also inside the maze are three enemy creatures similar to that of the player. The object of the game is to eliminate the enemy creatures before one of them eliminates the player. When all three enemies are defeated, the player advances to the next maze.

The enemy creatures appear in one of three colours: red, yellow or green. Red creatures are longer in length than the player, and as such a collision with the creature will cost the player one life. Yellow creatures are the same length as the player, thus posing no harm upon a collision. Green creatures are shorter than the player, and will be devoured by the player’s creature if they collide. The player can shoot at the creatures, with each hit reducing the number of segments by one. As segments are removed, the creatures are able to move faster, thus making them harder to catch and eliminate.

Points are scored for shooting the creatures, as well as for collecting pieces of fruit that appear in the maze at random locations. These fruits will also add an extra segment to the player’s creature.

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