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Cult T.V. Essentials: Captain Zep – Space Detective

Captain Zep – Space Detective was a British television children’s series produced by the BBC between 1983 and 1984 (2 seasons/12 episodes).

Constructed as part drama and part quiz game, Captain Zep featured mysteries that would be solved by the child audience in the studio, along with a write-in competition for viewers. The child audience were dressed in futuristic clothes and had gelled hair.


The series was also notable for its combination of live action and animation, where the cast would interact with drawn alien characters amidst drawn backgrounds.

Paul Greenwood played the  Captain Zep in the first series, to be replaced by Richard Morant for series two. Zep was assisted by Professor Spiro (Harriet Keevil) who was also replaced in series two by Professor Vana (Tracey Childs). The only cast member to appear in both series was Ben Ellison as Jason Brown.


  1. 5 Jan 83- Death on Delos
  2. 12 Jan 83- The Lodestone of Synope
  3. 19 Jan 83 -The Plague of Santos
  4. 26 Jan 83- The G and R 147 Factor
  5.  2 Feb 83- The Tinmen of Coza
  6.  9 Feb 83- The Warlords of Armageddia
  7.  9 Mar 84- Death Under the Sea
  8. 16 Mar 84- The Missing Agent of Ceres
  9. 23 Mar 84- The Small Planet of Secrets
  10. 30 Mar 84- The Sands of Sauria
  11. 6 Apr 84- The Tree of Life
  12. 13 Apr 84- Death by Design

The theme tune “Captain Zep” was written by David Owen Smith and Paul Aitken and performed by The Spacewalkers.

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