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Cult Movie Essentials: Invasion Of The Neptune Men (1961)

Uchu Kaisokusen, known as Invasion of the Neptune Men in the United States, is a science fiction/superhero film produced by Toei Company Ltd. (as “New Toei”) in 1961.


The movie starred then 22-year old Sonny Chiba as the intergalactic superhero Iron Sharp. This is the only appearance of Iron Sharp (who’s dressed in silver tights, helmet, cape, carries a ray gun and rides a car-like rocket ship), who is called “Space Chief” in the US version.

Sonny Chiba

Sonny Chiba


  • Shinichi Tachibana/Iron Sharp – Sonny Chiba
  • Dr. Tanigawa – Kappei Matsumoto
  • Yoko Tanigawa – Ryuko Minakami
  • Kenichi Tanigawa – Teppei Yamamoto
  • Tatsuo Ito – Masami Nakamura
  • Saburo Hayashi – Nobuyuki Ezawa
  • Tadashi Ine – Masao Kawakami
  • Yanagita, Scientist – Shinjiro Ebara
  • Tadao Murase – Kogo Ozono
  • Hajime Chiba – Kimio Yamamuro
  • Dr. Tamiya – Junji Masuda
  • Dr. Yoshimoto – Hidemichi Ishikawa
  • Saito, Scientist – Mitsue Komiya
  • Yukichi Yamagata – Seiichiro Kameishi
  • Eiji Shindo – Shiro Okamoto


Astronomer Shinichi Tachibana, has a secret identity as superhero “Iron Sharp” (changed to “Space Chief” in the English dub) and has many children as friends. When they are attacked by a group of metallic aliens (“Neptune Men” in English), Iron Sharp drives the aliens away. Tachibana is also resourceful, as he helps develop an electric barrier to block the aliens from coming to the Earth. After several losses by the aliens, they announce that they will invade the Earth, throwing the world into a state of panic.

As they invade the aliens destroy entire cities with their mothership and smaller fighters. Iron Sharp destroys multiple enemy ships and Japan fires a nuclear missile at the mothership, destroying it.


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