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Cult Movie Essentials: Big Man Japan (2007)

Big Man Japan is a 2007 Japanese superhero mockumentary  written and directed by and starring Hitoshi Matsumoto. It follows Masaru Daisato. Daisato is an otherwise normal Japanese citizen except for an inherited ability to grow to a height of approximately 30 meters in response to the application of high voltage electricity.

As both his father and grandfather before him, Daisato has accepted the duty to protect Japan against various giant monsters while working for a sub-division of the defence ministry called the Ministry of Monster Prevention.

Despite his great powers, he increasingly finds himself mocked by his fellow citizens while struggling under the burden of living up to a heroic lineage that increasingly overshadows his own mediocre accomplishments as a monster fighter.

To further complicate matters, he is deeply estranged from his own wife and child. By the film’s end, his failures and doubts reach a hallucinogenic apotheosis.


Actor Role
Hitoshi Matsumoto Masaru Daisatō/Big Man Japan
Riki Takeuchi Leaping Monster
Ua Manager Kobori
Ryūnosuke Kamiki Child Monster
Haruka Unabara Strangling Monster
Tomoji Hasegawa Interviewer
Itsuji Itao Female Stink Monster
Hiroyuki Miyasako Super Justice’s Mother
Takayuki Haranishi Male Stink Monster
Daisuke Miyagawa Super Justice
Takuya Hashimoto Midon
Taichi Yazaki Masaru’s Grandfather/the Fourth
Shion Machida Masaru’s Ex-Wife
Atsuko Nakamura Bar Proprietress Azusa
Daisuke Nagakura Masaru’s Grandfather (young)
Motohiro Toriki Masaru’s Father/the Fifth
Keidai Yano Young Masaru
Junshirō Hayama Shintō Priest




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