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Brand New Cherry Flavor Ep. 8: Bodies


Brand New Cherry Flavor Ep. 8: Bodies begins with a flashback where Boro (Catherine Keener) is giving a card reading to a middle-aged woman, where after stating that the devil isn’t necessarily bad, has visions of Lisa (Rosa Salazar) shooting the short movie, Mary (Siena Werber) removing her eye, and an image of the sofa. The middle-aged woman is about to leave the reading when Boro says, “does anyone know you’re here?”

We are then back in the present at Lisa’s apartment where Boro is taunting the sofa down the hatch before warning it to stay away from Lisa.

Lisa finds Lou and he confesses, telling her that he stole her movie because she rejected him, and it made him feel small. Suddenly a worm pops out of his eye, the same one he snorted all those episodes ago. Lisa pulls the worm out and it has grown a lot! Jonathan then eats the worm leaving Lou with blood pouring from his eye. Lisa calls for medical help before leaving,

Lisa then heads to Boro’s where she walks straight into Ralph. Before anything can happen Mary stabs Ralph in the neck. Mary reveals she killed Code so Lisa pokes her in the eye and leaves. We then learn that Boro was trying to jump into Lisa’s body!

Later, Lisa and Roy return to Boro’s. In the showdown, Lisa reveals that the spirit was trying to reach out to her because it’s her mother and she does not like Boro. Boro then calls in Roy who eventually gets his head ripped off and Boro’s minions feed on his body.

We then get a weird montage like scene where Lisa is crying, Jonathan is eating dog food, Christine is shown dead (presumably by Ralph), whilst Code is zombie like at Boro’s house.

The show then jumps to Alvin and Lisa having dinner and discussing her role as director. Lisa then goes to visit Lou is hospital and he is now blind. He asks Lisa to turn the telly off. She doesn’t, but as she leaves, he wishes her good luck. Alvin attempts to contact Lisa, but she is not returning his messages.

Back at Boro’s house we see that Boro has left Jennifer’s body and is now in control of Mary’s body. The body that belongs to Jennifer has no memory of what has happened. Lisa is seen taking a one-way flight back to Brazil.

Verdict: 6.5/10. Not the strongest ending, but it was nice to see Lisa not make a deal with another devil at the end. In some ways we got a weird fairy tale – be careful what you wish for- mixed with a weird version of The Little Mermaid, with Boro wanting to steal Lisa’s body. Was Lisa a hero? Not really, more a survivor who finally stopped the cycle of events that was happening to her. Her actions caused the death of everyone she cared about and left Mary becoming Boro’s new body.

Brand New Cherry Flavor is a fantastic metaphor of what Hollywood and fame can do to a person, demonstrating the costs and price of fame. We see its victims and the impact on the friends and family of those victims. By the end of the series though Lisa Nova has had her five minutes of fame, leaving Hollywood to look for its next brand-new flavour.

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