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New Portland Sci-fi family feature ‘GEEK’ promises 80s style throwback thrills

GEEK is scheduled to roll cameras in the Portland, Oregon vicinity this August with a mostly local cast, and is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

In this family/sci-fi tale, a friendless twelve year old boy struggling with ADHD befriends and resolves to fix a little alien robot that crash landed in his small town. Along the way, he’ll have to face bullies, outsmart a crazy scrap dealer bent on capturing the robot, and save the Earth… but will he make it through summer school?

Writer/director Benjamin Cooper, co-producer of the Lionsgate released talking horse movie, MY BEST FRIEND (2016), but known mostly for his horror pictures, was inspired to write GEEK by his experience with his sons, both of which have ADHD.  “Our relationship has been rough and rocky at times, and as I’ve become aware of the unique challenges they face, I’ve come to realize it’s me that has to grow and change.

A story about an ADHD kid with a Dad that just doesn’t understand, discovering his own value in the course of an adventure reminded me of what made 80s family adventure movies the best.  They don’t make them like that anymore, so I am happy to do something in the spirit of Goonies or E.T.”  Cooper said he shopped the script in Hollywood, but all they wanted to make at the time were talking dog movies.

The screenplay was a semi-finalist in the 2016 Screencraft Family Screenplay Contest, and according to Cooper, it was the strength of the material that attracted stars such as wrestler/actor Paul London (WWE, Lucha Underground) who plays the Dad, and Vernon G. Wells (Road Warrior, Inner Space, Power Rangers: Timeforce) who plays the crazy scrap dealer.

Behind the scenes, artist and maker Robert Miller (Total Recall, Serenity) contributes concept art, and FX wizard Mike Bozulich (Batman vs. Superman, Expendables 4) serves as visual effects consultant.

GEEK is now funding on Kickstarter.  Also starring: Zane Cooper, Jonah Cooper, Kailana Paresa, Dylan Mojo, Rachel Riley and Neil Hefty.  Robert Miller (Serenity, Total Recall) contributes concept art, and Michael Bozulich (Batman vs. Superman, Expendables 4) serves as visual effects consultant.

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