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The Marvels #1

After being pushed back for over a year due to global events The Marvels has finally arrived! From the team of Kurt Busiek (Marvels, Astro City) and artists Yilidiray Cinar and Richard Isanove (with cover art by Alex Ross) comes a story that is spread across the entire timeline of the Marvel universe or as Busiek put it himself “utilizes the entirety of Marvel.”

We get a wide range of characters, some familiar, some new at varying points in their lives including a pre-space flight Reed Richards and Ben Grimm, a Captain America from ten days in the future, Thor and Iron Man battling a dragon seven years ago, Daredevil entertaining the troops twelve years ago, and The Punisher from “last night” amongst others. All these stories seem random initially but at some point, these threads will weave together and allows us to see the bigger picture of what is going in. Just how they fit together will be the fun part of the journey.

We also get to meet a man named Kevin Schumer who it would appear will be our eyes and ears throughout this journey, allowing us a human perspective to all the superhuman spectacle that is going on around him.

Verdict: 8/10. An intriguing start to a story that is promising to be big in scope. It is easily accessible to even the most casual Marvel fan and has something for everyone due to the wide range of characters it presents. I feel as each issue develops the Marvel world will be opened further as the storyline threads become tighter – eventually becoming one coherent story. Should you pick up the next issue? Probably. Should you get the trade? Definitely!



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