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Invincible Ep. 2: Here Goes Nothing

Picking up straight after Episode 1, Invincible Ep. 2: Here Goes Nothing sees the Global Defense Agency arrive at the scene of the massacre and put a comatose Omni-Man in the hospital believing he too is a victim of whatever killed the others. Damien Darkblood (Clancy Brown) mysteriously arrives and begins investigating the death of the Guardians of the Globe.

Elsewhere green aliens known as the Flaxans attack the city via a worm hole. Mark changes into his Invincible suit and finds himself teaming up with the Teen Team – Atom Eve (voiced by Gillian Jacobs), Rex Splode (voiced by Jason Mantzoukas), Robot (voiced by Zachary Quinto), and Dupli-Kate (voiced by Melise). The initial battle ends when the Flaxans begin to age and return back to their planet. Robot deduces that time on Earth is faster than the time on the Flaxans’ planet, so they age here faster.

Following the battle Mark realises that Atom Eve is Samantha Eve Wilkins, one of his classmates, and she takes him to Teen Team’s base – just in time for The Flaxans to attempt a second invasion. This time they have evolved their technology and have arm bracelets that stop their aging, Robot realises this and along with the team stops them.

Upon their third invasion attempt, the Flaxans are further evolved and this time appear to have no weaknesses. Just as they are about to win Omni-Man and saves Mark. Omni-Man then chases the Flaxana back to their home world, where he kills all of them and decimates their cities before returning to Earth.

Verdict: 8/10. The returning Flaxans is a nice touch, Omni-Man’s response to them is even more so. Also the introduction of Mark into the world of superheroing is done well. Another great episode.

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