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Power Rangers Dino Fury Ep. 2: Sporix Unleashed

Following last week’s Power Rangers Dino Thunder episode we join Zayto (Russell Curry) putting Ollie (Kai Moya) and Amelia (Hunter Deno) through their Power Ranger paces. Not all is is going smoothly by the new recruits are trying hard. During the training Ollie notices that Dinohenge is made up of six dinosaurs and there are only three of them. Zayto explains that the three other Power Keys were lost when the Knights that wielded them fell in the war, leaving only them left to find and capture the Sporix. As training continues Zayto introduces the others to the Boost Keys but then just as he went to show them what they could do he is interupted by Solon (Lydia Zanetti) who needs everybody abck at vase.

Once back at the chamber Solon tells the Dino Fury Rangers that the defence systems back online, meaning that nobody but themselves can enter the chamber. Also, Solon announces that she has Zayto’s T-Rex Champion Zord on standby. This makes Amelia excited as she too wants a Zord! Solon also reveals that she found Void Knight’s scanner that was knocked away during the fight last episode. She is concerned Void Knight may try to reclaim it but Zayto is more worried about protecting Pine Ridge from the Sporix. Ollie has an idea that could find the Sporix before they hatch. It involves using the scanner in conjunction with his mother’s drone. Solon likes the idea but is concerned the mixing alien technology with human technology might result in trouble. Zayto and Amelia argue that they do not have time to do that and warning Pine Ridge is their priority. Ollie reluctantly agress, although he later does this anyway without the team knowing… surely that will go well then?

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Soon the Dino Fury Rangers are battling Shockhorn, Mucus, and The Void Knight and the two new Rangers get to see the T-Rex Champion Zord in action. Following his defeat, Shockhorn reverts to his Sporix cell mode and Zayto says they must grab it before it hatches into a more powerful Sporix Beast. Unfortunately, Void Knight gets it first and teleports away to Area 62, an abandoned base that will be his new base of operations. Void Knight places the Sporix into a machine but is frustrated that even a powered up Sporix is not enough to power it up, explaining to Mucus that once his machine is powered up, his real plans will begin!

Verdict: 6/10. Whilst it was good not to rush all the Rangers into the show this felt more of a filler episode. The dialogue between the Rangers, a strength last week, felt reduced this week with words being spoken only if it forwarded the plot – which itself was the old villain of the week grows big and battle robot formula. That said, the action moments and morphing sequences were top notch and I imagine many kids will be punching their air along with their new heroes.

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