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Power Rangers Dino Fury Ep. 1: Destination Dinohenge

The twenty-eighth season of the Power Rangers has arrived. Power Rangers Dino Fury has landed with quite a bang and judging by its first episode appears to be a giant stepforward in a franchise that has often relied on a repetative formula to get it across the finish line.

We are immediately introduced to reporter Amelia Jones (Hunter Deno), whose strong pink fashion sense shows us that textbook Power Rangers forshadowing is alive and well! Amelia gets the go ahead to investigate Dinohenge an ancient protected area where she lives. Think Stonehenge but with dinosaur statues! During her searching of the area she accidently traps Ollie Akana (Kainalu Moya) in an electrified net. Ollie clearly likes the colour blue! This mistake is soon rectified and Amelia gets to meets Ollie’s mother Dr. Lani Akana (Shavaughn Ruakere). Dr. Akana is investigating Dinohenge. Also Warden Garcia (Blair Strang) is introduced. Hopefully he does not become the comic relief. Not every show needs that.

Soon events unfold where an evil warrior known as The Void Knight (voiced by Jared Turner) puts the whole world in danger. The Void Knight attacks the dinosaur/cyborg Solon (voiced by Josephine Davison). Solon fought the original Dino Fury Rangers eons ago, however she was damaged and is no longer combat ready. Solon watches over Zayto (Russell Curry) the sleeping Red Dino Fury Ranger.

Luckily for Solon, Amelia and Ollie step in to help and during the battle and are soon somehow transferred into pink and blue Dino Fury Rangers. Zayto soon wakes up and helps save the day, but not before the many Sporix Beasts are released onto Earth – each one will apparently nest until ready – i’m guessing at a rate of one a week?

Verdict: 9/10. This show seems to want to build its world out slowly rather than the clumsy set ups the majority of Ranger shows have with all charcters getting their powers at the same time. Yes we will be getting more Rangers but building like this keeps the flow going and helps us understand these fresh new characters before throwing more in. The Power Rangers have been reinvented once again and this time it seems to have a more Arrowverse-lite approach that does not treat its audience like 3 year olds.

What did you think?

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