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Demonwarp (1988)

Directed by Emmett Alston, Demonwarp is a sci-fi horror-fest that stars George Kennedy (just before The Naked Gun revived his career), David Michael O’Neil, Pamela Gilbert, Billy Jacoby, Colleen McDermott, Hank Stratton, John Durbin, and Joe Praml. Whilst confusing at times, mainly due to missing out important plot details (well it was filmed in twelve days!), it just about manages to tick off every horror cliche on the list!

As the film begins we are in the year 1880. This is very important in helping us what understands what happens later. The problem is it does not get explained that it is 1880 till about forty odd minutes later so the backstory exposition is left dangling around as you try and work out why it should make sense! Anyways, we meet a wandering Minister (Durbin) who is happily reciting bible psalms on his journey, when suddenly he spots an U.F.O. heading straight towards him at great speed! It’s going to crash! It does! Soon the priest is standing near a huge crater…

We then skip forward to what I believe to be modern day 1988 (again not really explained until later in the movie – and not in a good plot reveal way!) where Bill Crafton (Kennedy) is talking to his daughter Julie (Jill Marin) inside their cabin. Suddenly a big hairy creature rips the cabin door off, storms in and smothers Julie to death leaving Dad Bill knocked out on the floor!

Like most 1980’s movies in this genre, a group of camping teenagers soon arrive and set up camp! One of them Jack (O’Neil) isn’t just there to have fun with his female friends, it turns out his Uncle Clem (Praml) disappeared in the area and he is hoping to find him. Soon Bill, Jack, and the rest of their Scooby Gang are battling the monster and the reappearing Minister guy from 1880 who just might have a hand in a zombiefied alien conspiracy that has been going on for all these years!

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