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Preview: Land of the Dead (Bluray/DVD)

Two decades after master filmmaker George A. Romero’s zombies last scared audiences around the globe, the Godfather of the zombie genre returned with Land of the Dead (2005). This is Romero’s fourth of six instalments of the “Dead” series which started in 1968 with Night of the Living Dead. This release includes a reversible sleeve with all new artwork by Graham Humphreys.

Zombies have taken over the world forcing the living to survive in a walled city to protect them from the dead. But all is not well where it’s most safe. The rich live in skyscrapers, the poor live in squalor.  As a revolution threatens to overthrow the city’s leadership, the zombies are evolving and becoming more advanced. With the survival of the city at stake, a group of hardened mercenaries is called into action to protect the living from an army of zombies.

You can pre-order on Bluray HERE.

Land of the Dead was Romero’s largest-budget studio-backed film and became one of his biggest box-office successes. The first in the “Dead” series cost $114,000 whereas Land of the Dead cost just under $19 million. Romero suggested that Dennis Hopper’s cigar budget in Land of the Dead cost more than Living Dead cost to make.

George A. Romero loved Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s zom-com Shaun of the Dead which pays homage to his “Dead” series, calling it an “absolute blast”. Romero repaid them both by giving them cameo roles in Land of the Dead where they appear as zombies.

Credited with creating and codifying the modern zombie in Living Dead, Romero’s zombie films have inspired many TV series including The Walking Dead. Romero was invited to direct The Walking Dead but declined dismissively comparing the show to a soap opera with zombies.

Sleeve artist Graham Humphreys is responsible for some of the best film posters of the 1980s including UK posters for the theatrical releases of The Evil Dead and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

In 2015 a 7th film in the “Dead” series was announced named Road of the Dead.  Road is still not in production, but was to be a chronological continuation of Land of the Dead. It was written and to be directed by Romero’s friend and collaborator Matt Birman but since Romero’s death in 2017 it’s production has stalled. The film now looks to be called Wolfe Island, because Birman says “ I had a blood and whiskey promise to G that I could and would never make an ‘…of the Dead’ without him.”

It stars Simon Baker, Dennis Hopper, Asia Argento, Robert Joy, John Leguizamo, and Eugene Clark.

 Blu-Ray Extras:

  • Disc 1: Cholo’s Reckoning: An Interview with Actor John Leguizamo / Charlie’s Story: An Interview with Actor Robert Joy / The Pillsbury Actor: An Interview with Actor Pedro Miguel Arce / Four of the Apocalypse: An Interview with Actors Eugene Clark, Jennifer Baxter, Boyd Banks and Jasmin Geljo / Theatrical Trailer / Dream of the Dead Documentary / Dream of the Dead with Audio Commentary by Director Roy Frumkes / Deleted Scenes from Dream of the Dead.
  • Disc 2: Unrated Version of the Feature / Feature Commentary with Director George A. Romero, Producer Peter Grunwald and Editor Michael Doherty / Feature Commentary with Zombie Performers Matt Blazi. Glena Chao, Michael Felsher and Rob Mayr / When Shaun Met George / Bringing the Dead to Life / Scenes of Carnage / Zombie Effects: From Green Screen to Finished Scene / Scream Tests: Zombie Casting Call / Bringing the Storyboards to Life / Undead Again: The Making of Land of the Dead / A Day with the Living Dead/ Reversible Sleeve / All New Artwork by Graham Humphreys


  • DVD Extras: Feature Commentary with Director George Romero, Producer Peter Grunwald and Editor Michael Doherty / Undead Again: The Making of Land of the Dead / A Day with the Living Dead / Bringing the Dead to Life / The Remaining Bits / When Shaun Met George / Scenes of Carnage / Zombie Effects: From Green Screen to Finished Scene / Bringing the Storyboards to Life / Scream Tests: Zombie Casting Call / Reversible Sleeve / All New Artwork by Graham Humphreys.
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