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Among The Shadows (2019)

Directed by Tiago Mesquita, Among The Shadows details the just what really is going on in the heavy double-crossing espionage world of the werewolf beginning on November 13th 2022 when a group of werewolves stir up fear and panic as they begin attacking random joggers in Brussels. Meanwhile, Randall Jackson (Laurent Lesseigne), anothern werewolf,  fatally shoots Harry Goldstone (John Flanders), another werewolf, who works on European Federation president Richard Sherman’s (Kristoffel Verdonck) reelection campaign. Randall proceeds to steal Goldstone’s private dossier which contains information regarding Sherman’s upcoming debate against rival John Kilborn (Andrew Blumenthal), but just before he dies, Goldstone manages to call his werewolf niece Kristy Wolfe (Charlotte Beckett), to tell her that Randall attacked him. Wolfe is also a private investigator!

Upon arriving at the crimescene, Kristy is dismissed by Lt. McGregor (Gianni Capaldi) and later Richard Sherman’s vampire wife, first lady Patricia Sherman (Lindsay Lohan), hires Kristy to find out who killed Harry and why – soon conspiracys unravel and trust becomes a big issue. Can Kirsty get to the bottom of it?

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