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Preview- Kamen Rider Saber Ep. 17: Is The Ancient Messenger Light Or Shadow?

In Kamen Rider Saber Ep. 17: Is The Ancient Messenger Light Or Shadow? Touma, who had to fight his own friends, is in a state of doubt, just when Yuri, the Sword ofLight appears before Touma! Meanwhile, Rintaro and the others don’t think that Touma will truly betray them despite their previous conflict. However, Reika tells them to hurry up and collect his Sacred Sword and Wonder Ride Book! Meanwhile, the Megiddo are trying to make a new book using humans! Touma is shocked to learn that the Megiddo who was attacking the city, was originally human! Yuri then tells a lost Touma, “If you want to protect them, then slash at the enemy. For that is all a swordsman can do.” The Megiddo soon appears again as Touma heads for the direction of Mei…

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