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Burn ‘Em Up Barnes

Directed by Colbert Clark and Armand Schaefer, Burn ‘Em Up Barnes was a twelve part American Pre-Code movie serial produced and distributed by Mascot Pictures in 1934. It was a loose remake of the 1921 silent film of the same name. It was also packaged as a movie in its own right under the same name and as The Devil on Wheels.

As the series begins race-car driver “Burn-’em-Up” Barnes (Jack Mulhall) is adopting Bobbie Riley (Frankie Darro), the kid brother of his buddy George Riley (James Bush), who was killed in a race.

Barnes then enters into a business partnership with Marjorie Templeand (Lola Lane) her bus transportation business. This partnership acme about after Barnes saved Marjorie in a battle with some gangsters. John Drummond (Jason Robards), a scheming promoter, knows that land Marjorie has inherited lies atop valuable oil deposits and tries every method to wreck her business and force her to sell the land at a low price.

As the series progresses, Barnes and Bobbie take desperate chances to raise money to prevent Marjorie losing the property. In every race Barnes enters attempts are made on his life. With his super human skill he comes through terrific car, plane and motor cycle crashes until finally, helped by Bobbie, he overcomes the large odds of men and money against him!

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