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Kickstarter Watch: Faux Hidden Gems of the VHS Era – A Fictitious Retrospective

Mike Garley has painstakingly compiled a collection of some of the best overlooked hidden gems of the VHS era. Including the likes of Satan’s Brainwashed CattleFreaky DieDayPapa Smackdown, and many, many more!

For many, a trip to the video store was a weekly staple. While there you could see all types of wonderful and weird films on display just waiting for you to pick up and enjoy. But with so many great films, many (mainly the weird and the bizarre) were often overlooked. This book, compiled over a year of weekly updates, contains over 52 great films that you might have missed. Their titles, taglines, synopsis, as well as critical and audience reviews are all in here for your reading pleasure. From Captain Termination vs Robot Cop, to The Samurai Slasher. Is your favourite hidden gem in here? Spoiler, as they’re all completely made up, probably not…

Here’s an example of one of the entries:

In addition to the 52 entries, the collection includes guest entries from James Moran (Severance, Cockneys Vs Zombies, Doctor Who), Cat Davies (Connie, Blood Shed, TickTock), Shaun Kimber (Horror academic), and Darren Payne (Dirt in the Gate/GrindFest film organiser).

In addition to being able to pick up a copy of Faux Hidden Gems of the VHS Era, you can add on any of the below comics/books. All you need to do is select the tier you wish, and then when the survey is sent out after the Kickstarter is complete select what additional comics/books you’d like.

You can select multiple copies of any comic/book (including Faux Hidden Gems of the VHS Era).

All pledges at £13 and up will receive a loyalty card. But having expired in 2005 these loyalty cards aren’t even worth the paper they’re printed on….

To back the project CLICK HERE.

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