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Review- Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Ep. 2: Far From Home

This second episode in this season explains what happened to the Discovery and we find it has crash landed on a glacier and with it brings some obvious problems and damage to the ship and injuries amongst the crew including helm officer Keyla Detmer, but as with most Discovery subplots, we don’t really find out in this episode what is wrong with her.  She has cyborg implants and maybe they are upsetting her Ju Ju but I’m not sure, I couldn’t really work that out.

Now I’ve said this before and I will say it again, Mary Wiseman, who plays ensign Silvia Tilly, is the truly versatile cast member and it has been a joy to see her character (and acting talent) develop.  Her comedy moments are really great for the developing enjoyment of Discovery.  I’d also like to point out that Jett Reno, Tig Notaro, had some epic sarcasm going on through this episode and she didn’t take any prisoners, Tig’s comedic delivery, she is a stand-up comedian after all, was perfectly well timed and it helped very well in situations of tension. And when she was helping Stamets, it certainly was a blessing.

One character that I find misplaced but necessary, is that of the “bad” Philippa Georgiou.  I’m not sure how this character is going to pan out but, in this episode, her antagonistic attitude to the story was a bit over the top and not really in tune with the episode’s storyline.  There is a part in the storyline where the newly appointed Captain, Saru, and ensign Tilly, go off in search of much needed resources and they find a settlement of miners who agree to help them in exchange for dilithium crystals to escape the planet and a rogue “Courier” called Zareh who bullies them constantly with extortionate control (I somehow think this character is loosely based on Neegan from The Walking Dead), anyway, Saru and Tilly get caught up in this and then Georgiou turns up out of the blue, from being suspicious of Saru’s behaviour and Zareh unleashes his stun weapon on Georgiou a couple of times, she didn’t know when to stop poking him with wise cracks so he zapped her again, and then in a moment of very well-choreographed fighting, Georgiou reduces Zareh’s gang down to just Zareh, Saru spares his life, Georgiou doesn’t like Saru’s decision choice and the whole scene was just a little bit un-Discovery-esque.  With the resources in their possession they return to the Discovery to find it covered in parasitic ice and with Discovery fixed, they try to break free from the parasitic Ice and are struggling until Burnham arrives and frees them.  Burnham says she has been in this timeline for a year but for the Discovery crew it’s been hours.  The producers emphasised this with “growing” Burnham’s hair but if this was the case going on her hair length, she’s been in the timeline at least three or four years.

Verdict: 7/10, This episode is full of wise-cracks-bullies and, I know this is sci-fi but Discovery has a credibility to maintain, some unbelievable moments.  Overall this episode would’ve made a great film story arc but inside one episode it was a tad rushed, hastened by the need to get Discovery out of the clutches of Parasitic Ice (that would make an excellent Heavy Metal band name) but it was nice to see Burnham and the Discovery crew reunited.

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