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Cult Cartoon Essentials: Titan Maximum

Debuting in September 2009, Titan Maximum was created by Tom Root and Matthew Senreich and follows what happened to the legendary Titan Force Five – a super team drafted from the solar system’s best and brightest young people. Titan Force Five became known throughout the galaxy for their heroic exploits piloting the mecha known as  Titan Maximum.

The series picks up two years after the team is ordered to disband following a series of escalating incidents and damage (and costs) caused aby Titan Force Five the team. The team has now disbanded and all moved on with their lives and one member, Spud (voiced by Tom Root), has since passed away in an accident involving cocaine and prostitutes. The problem is that former Titan Force Five member Lt. Gibson “Gibbs” Giberstein (voiced by Seth Green) has returned, minus an eye, with an army of monsters and now wants to take over the Solar System. Gibbs now proclaims he is to be known as Super King Big Nuts!

It is revealed that whilst Gibbs was second-in-command and viewed as the brains of the group he resented Commander Palmer (voiced by Breckin Meyer) who he felt took credit for all his work. Gibbs’ resentment and jealousy soon spread to his other team members Spud, Lt. Jodi Yanarella (voiced by Rachael Leigh Cook) and Lt. Junior Grade Sasha Caylo (voiced by Eden Espinosa). The final straw for Gibbs was when Palmer stranded him in space on purpose so that he could attend a party he wanted to go to.

As a result of Gibbs’ actions the three remaining Titan Force Five members have to reform the team to stop him. Along for the ride are Palmer’s younger mechanical genius brother Willie (voiced by Dan Milano) and their silent monkey janitor Leon, who replace Gibbs and Spud on the team!

The nine episode series ends on a cliff-hanger which was originally intended to be the series finale with the conclusion revealed in episode one of season two, unfortunately Adult Swim cancelled the series shortly after this episode aired and so the fate of Titan Force Five remains unknown…

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