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Something Is Out There

Created by Frank Lupo, Something Is Out There was a nine episode science fiction mini-series (of which six episodes were originally shown) that hit our screens in 1988. It followed Police Officers Jack Breslin (Joseph Cortese) and Frank Dileo (George Dzundza) who were tasked to investigate a series of brutal murders in which organs have been removed from the victims.

Through their investigations Breslin and Dileo learn that the crimes are being committed by a monstrous alien insectoid Xenomorph (shapeshifting) prisoner who managed to land on Earth after breaking out of an alien prison starship that just happened to be passing through our solar system.

Through bizarre circumstances, Breslin eventually teams up with an attractive lady named Ta’Ra (Maryam d’Abo), the prison starship’s medical officer, to track down the Xenomorph. Being an alien Ta’Ra has telepathy and superhuman agility to help in their search. Mickey Jones and Brian Thompson also pop up through the series!

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