Cult Movie Essentials

Cult Movie Essentials: Antropophagus (1980)

Directed by Joe D’Amato, Antropophagus opens with a two German travellers enjoying a remote Greek island. They decide to hit the beach but meet a grizzly end due to a man that came out of the ocean. Meanwhile, another five travellers are preparing to tour the same area. They are soon joined by Julie (Tisa Farrow) who bags a ride with them to an island her friends live on.

Carol (Zora Kerova) is against giving Julie a ride as her tarot cards have told her something bad is going to happen. Julie though persuades the others that her island is worth going to because it rarely sees tourists and has only a few permanent residents. Upon arrival Maggie (Serena Grandi), who is pregnant, hurts her ankle, so she stays behind on the boat with its owner whilst the others head into town. Then a man suddenly attacks the boat, ripping the sailor’s head off, and abducting Maggie!

Upon getting to the town the group find it abandoned apart from a woman in black who writes “Go Away” on a dusty window. After exploring further they discover a rotting corpse which appears to have been half eaten. This discovery prompts everyone to race back to the boat to leave. The boat though is trashed so they must take refuge in Julie’s friend’s house.

When entering the house, the family’s blind daughter, Henriette (Margaret Mazzantini) wounds Daniel (Mark Bodin) in a panic. The gang calm her down and she reveals a madman who smells of blood is prowling the island…

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