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Review- Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Ep. 14 – Such Sweet Sorrow Part Two

This episode is the conclusion to an immense second season of Star Trek: Discovery.  It’s just bewildering how the production team are going to top this one.  I harp on in every review about how amazing the cinematography is but it’s a legitimate observation.  I have never seen another space-based drama series with such a rich screen of colour, CGI, and depth, it is truly staggering.

The previous episode paved the way for the expected conclusions of this episode.  Some were expected, Spock getting to the Enterprise for one, and some unexpected, Admiral Cornwell’s sacrifice, The Klingon’s turning up in a mammoth ship with the Kelpian’s in Ba’ul fighters lead by Saru’s lovely sister after she heard his farewell message.  And some left me feeling a tad robbed.  I mean that in the way that we already know that the nanobots of ControLeland are susceptible to magnetism, but for ControLeland to be destroyed in that way. Why not lock onto him and beam him into the path of a photon beam?

Overall, the episode took the previous 13 episodes and just went bigger, feistier, harder and more dynamic than before.  I’m not going to comment on the acting, it truly was amazing, and I love that in the heat of battle, there was humour, love, and farewells.  Jet Reno managed to get some funny moments and it was great to see Culber man-up and stay with his man, even though Stamets was close to death in sick-bay from an injury sustained in getting the Angel suit ready.  The farewell between Spock and Burnham was heartfelt and I think both actors worked on that scene as if they would never work together again.  I did enjoy the fight scene between Georgiou and Nhan against ControLeland and like I mentioned, I found the way that ControLeland was destroyed to be quite a low point in the episode, just as much as I found the unnecessary self-sacrifice of Cornwell annoying.  The physics just doesn’t add up with that one, a blast door with a window managing to protect the Enterprise from a delayed explosion of a Photon Torpedo that was stated to be able to blow up half the ship in its current situation.  I don’t know, maybe Captain Pike ordered a blast field around the location of the torpedo, but regardless, the destruction of the Cornwell character was unnecessary to me.

After Burnham realises what she has to do, does it, returns and then leads the Discovery into the future, I can’t help thinking that, as a viewer, we’ve been short-changed.  I would love to see how Season 3 pans out, it’s a shame that my prediction of Captain Pike not being on the bridge of the Discovery didn’t survive.  Yet I really hope that Anson Mount returns in the Captain’s chair again, the Enterprise bridge and crew, in their brief time on screen, really adhered me to them.  I truly love the brash and sassiness of Number One which becomes all more obvious at the conclusion of the episode when they are all interviewed, and the cameras were excellently positioned for this climatic scene where they are interviewed over the “destruction” of the Discovery, and they all gave their name, Captain Pike, Commander Spock, Lt. Tyler…..and Number One.  Spock quoted the rulebook and they were all sworn to never mention the Discovery and her crew again to prevent another Control situation.

We are left with Tyler being the head of Section 31, the conclusion to the seven red signals, it WAS Burnham all along.  Laying the signals down in a way to help them survive the Control onslaught, but only five of them, the remaining two were used, when Burnham worked out what they were for, with one to guide the Discovery into the wormhole, and the seventh to let Spock know that they arrived safely in the future (rather like “give me three rings to let me know you got home ok”)

VERDICT: I must rate this episode 10 out of 10 because it’s just amazing, yes there were moments of disappointment in the episode, but they pale into insignificance to the sheer might of the episode overall.  I love that the repaired Enterprise, with a freshly shaved Spock, do what it’s truly supposed to do at the end, by boldly going where no one has gone before.  And I’m pretty sure Anson Mount giggled like a school boy when he read in his script that he gets to respond to “Engine ready for warp Captain” with “Hit it”. And I really do hope that we haven’t seen the last of the Enterprise crew in this guise, they’ve  been truly amazing.

I could say more about how amazing this episode was, but I’d only be repeating myself.

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