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Star Trek: Discovery – Season 2 Ep. 1: Brothers

I have to admit that the first season of ST:D really enthralled me, the whole package was different to the previous Star Trek television series’.  Gritty action that deserved to be on the big screen, the cinematography was just top notch.  The cast was perfect, although trying to find their individual characters path, and the continuing storyline was fresh, and the Klingon’s were just perfectly evil.

Season 2 opens with an amazing episode, again, no expense has been spared, the cinematography continues to be excellent.  In fact, everything is amazing, I had to ask myself if this was the small screen or the big screen.

Episode One starts where the ultimate episode of Season 1 ended, with the Discovery joining the Enterprise.  The Captain of the Enterprise joins the Discovery, which was on a journey to Vulcan to rendezvous with it’s new Captain, and joining the Captain were two officers from the Enterprise.  It’s noteworthy to applaud the new uniforms that the Enterprise crew were wearing as they are the design from the original series, and yes, there is a red shirt in there.

The whole episode hinges on seven mysterious signals of which all but one have disappeared, which the Enterprise was sent to intercept, but the Enterprise was damaged and thus the Captain had to take command of the Discovery and take it on the Enterprise’s mission.  The Discovery arrives at the location of the one remaining signal to find an asteroid field and a critically damaged USS ship, the USS Hiawatha.  With the Asteroid field halting any scans for survivors, a search and rescue mission via transporter or shuttle is also halted and Burnham devises a plan to use some scientific pods, Burnham, and the Captain, and his two crew attempt the search and rescue mission.  There is a death en route, but is this the red shirt or the blue short?  You will have to watch to find out.

Once on the asteroid that the Hiawatha is located on, Burnham and co find survivors and, more critically for the Discovery, that the asteroid is made of non-baryonic matter. The Hiawatha crew are transported, now that they can get a lock-on, to the Discovery.

At this point, I should advise that even though it is no secret that Burnham was raised by Spock’s parents, Spock is a key character in this episode.  Child Burnham first meets child Spock when she is taken, by Sarek, to his home. Spock isn’t too enamoured (he hasn’t really mastered his emotional human side yet) with the meeting of a new Foster-Sister.  Spock is, and always will be, the Science Officer of the Enterprise, so Burnham, on her encounter with the Enterprise, expected to meet Spock.  Spock had taken leave for a personal investigation and Burnham visits his quarters to find that he had been investigating the seven mysterious signals. And then the credits rolled.

Now this episode stands out as different in many ways as the introduction to the new uniforms for starters, the possibility of an energy source for the discovery (they take on board a small non-baryonic asteroid in the boat bay), the characters are richer because the actors have now got the first season over and can now feel more comfortable in there characters.  Also, the viewing figures garnered more expanse for the episodes because, lets face it, this show is awesome.

VERDICT: I rate this episode 8 out of 10 because it’s a gripping episode, loads of action, it’s saluted the original series through out the episode, you will notice many references to the original series.  And even though the action and storyline are of cinematic big screen proportions, it’s still a tv series.

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